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Model Code of Conduct

Our role and process

Click here for information on: What we do when we get a complaint about an elected member’s conduct.

Please read the information carefully. It will help you understand our process for dealing with Code of Conduct complaints. It details what we do if we decide to investigate a complaint about an elected member, the role required of the elected member, and what happens if we think that a breach of the Code of Conduct may have occurred.

See also this video: Councillors’ Guide to the role of the Public Ombudsman for Wales – The Members’ Code of Conduct 

Guidance for elected members

One Voice Wales has also produced the following guidance to assist town and community councils to support them with the local resolution process:

Guidance on the use of social media

You can find guidance on the Code of Conduct and the use of social media in:

Welsh Local Government Association has also published a relevant guide, which you can find here:

Factsheets for elected members

These factsheets provide general information for elected members:

Previously investigated Code of Conduct complaints

To see summaries of past Code of Conduct reports issued under section 69(4) of the Local Government Act 2000, please see our:

Do you want to complain about another councillor?

Please read our How To Complain section.