Our vision

To have a positive impact on people and public services in Wales

Our ambition

  • People of Wales feel that public services treat them fairly and respond when things go wrong.
  • Welsh public services listen to individuals and use their complaints to learn and improve.
  • Welsh local government is trusted to deliver the highest standards of conduct.
  • The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales continues to be an influential and respected voice in public service improvement.

Our principles

We are

  • independent
  • impartial
  • fair
  • open to all who need us.

Our Strategic Aims

Strategic Aim 1: Delivering justice with a positive impact for people and public services

We deliver an efficient, empathetic and proportionate service that supports justice and improves public services.

Strategic Aim 2: Increasing accessibility and inclusion

People across Wales are aware of our office, understand how we can help them and our service is relevant and accessible.

Strategic Aim 3: Increasing the impact of our proactive improvement work

We contribute to improvement in public services, through complaints standards work, wider learning from complaints and own initiative investigations and supporting high standards of conduct
amongst councillors.

Strategic Aim 4: Ensuring that we are a healthy, efficient and accountable organisation

We maintain and improve efficient and effective use of our financial, staff and IT resources, and ensure good governance, accountability and transparency.