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Our Vision

Services that actively listen and learn from complaints.

Our Mission

To uphold justice and improve public services.

Our Values

Achievement: Doing the best you can

Togetherness: Being respectful to each other and working collaboratively for the organisation to succeed

Positivity: Showing enthusiasm and pride about who we are and in what we do

Supportiveness: Being there for each other and appreciating our diversity

Ownership: Taking responsibility for everything we do

Willingness: Having a keen, flexible and can-do approach

Our purposes

  • To investigate complaints about public bodies
  • To put things right. When we can, we will try to put people back in the position they would have been in if they had not suffered an injustice, and work to secure the best possible outcome where injustice has occurred.
  • To recognise and share good practice so that public bodies can learn the lessons from our investigations and put right any systemic weaknesses identified, leading to continued improvement in the standards of public services in Wales.
  • To help people direct their complaints to the right public service provider or complaint handler.
  • To investigate complaints against local authorities members who have broken the code of conduct.
  • To build confidence in Welsh local government by promoting high standards in public life.

Strategic aims

Strategic Aim 1: Deliver Justice: To provide a complaints service that is accessible, of the highest quality, proportionate and effective.

Strategic Aim 2: Promote Learning, Work to Improve Public Services: Promote learning from complaints and stimulate improvements on a wider scale.

Strategic Aim 3: Use Resources Wisely and Future-proof The Organisation: Identify and adopt best practice. Secure value for money and services that are fit for the future. Support staff and ensure good governance which supports and challenges us.