Our previous Corporate Plan covered the period from 2019 to 2022. We are now developing a new set of strategic aims to deliver our ambition for the office:

  • People of Wales feel that public services treat them fairly and respond when things go wrong.
  • Welsh public services listen to individuals and use their complaints to learn and improve.
  • Welsh local government is trusted to deliver the highest standards of conduct.
  • The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales continues to be an influential and respected voice in public service improvement.

To deliver this ambition, we know that we need to negotiate the challenges facing the public sector, and our office, in the new, post-pandemic Wales. We will need to explore new ways of working and do more to demonstrate how we are making a difference.

Our proposed Strategic Aims are:

  • Delivering justice with a positive impact for people and public services
  • Increasing accessibility and inclusion
  • Expanding our proactive improvement work
  • Ensuring that we are a healthy, efficient and accountable organisation

Michelle Morris, the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, said:

I am delighted to publish this consultation on our proposed Strategic Plan 2023-26.

I am acutely aware of the challenges facing the public sector, and this office in the new, post-pandemic Wales.  It remains more important than ever that my Office can operate independently and impartially to ensure that if, and when, things go wrong that we acknowledge this, put things right and use the learning to continue to improve public services in Wales.

We now look forward to the comments on this Plan, to make sure that our service to the people of Wales is fit for the future.

We are a publicly funded body, accountable for how we use our resources to the Welsh Parliament / Senedd Cymru. Our proposed Strategic Plan is ambitious, but realistic about the resources and capacity available to us. We understand that the scope of the final Plan will depend on the resources entrusted to us by the Senedd.

To view the details of the consultation and our draft Strategic Plan, go here.