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Swansea Council


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

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Early resolution

Mr B raised a complaint about the transfer of his son’s Special Educational Needs provision when he changed schools. Mr B was unhappy with the complaint response he received from the Stage C Committee and complained to Swansea Council to review the investigation of his complaint. The Council found that the investigation had been adequate and followed appropriate process. However, Mr B was not satisfied that the specific concerns he had raised with the Council had been addressed as they were not detailed in its complaint response to him.
The Council agreed to issue a further complaint response to Mr B within 20 working days. This would include details about why the Council was satisfied the investigation was adequate, specifically addressing concerns raised by Mr B about the scope of the investigation, the information considered, the personnel consulted and the independence of the Stage C Committee.
The Ombudsman considered this action was reasonable to resolve Mr B’s complaint.