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Services for People with a disability inc DFGs: Carmarthenshire County Council

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Services for People with a disability inc DFGs


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Early resolution

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Carmarthenshire County Council

Miss G complained that the Council failed to complete agreed adaptations and repairs to her flat since late 2022. She said that some works had not been undertaken and that the Council had subsequently refused other works despite assurances, before she moved in, that they would be completed.
The Ombudsman found that the Council’s Stage 2 complaint investigation had identified significant delays resolving Miss G’s concerns, as well as shortcomings in communications, managing her expectations and explaining the reasons for its decisions. However, despite those findings and previous involvement from the Ombudsman, the Council failed to improve its approach to managing the situation and failed to resolve those issues with sufficient urgency and promptness.
The Council agreed to apologise to Miss G and offer her £250 in recognition of the inconvenience and her time and trouble in pursuing the complaint within 1 month. It also agreed to offer Miss G a new comprehensive Occupational Therapy assessment, provide her with an updated list of all the outstanding issues with specific timescales, and to resolve all issues within those given timescales.