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School Transport : Neath Port Talbot Council

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School Transport


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Early resolution

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Neath Port Talbot Council

Mr A complained about the lack of clear communication regarding the Council’s arrangements for school transport for his son to attend college. He also complained that the Council failed to investigate the issues he raised in his complaint to it about its failures.

The Ombudsman found that the Council had not addressed and answered the issues originally complained of by Mr A. These were contained in an email between him and the Council, dated 2 September 2021. This had resulted in a failure to answer the issues raised during an investigation at stage 1 and 2 of its complaints procedure,

The Ombudsman contacted the Council and it has agreed to;

a) Re-visit the complainant’s email to the Council on 2 September 2021 (identified by the Ombudsman), which appears to provide more details of his complaint.

b) Contact the complainant by telephone to confirm any outstanding issues not addressed from the email and the subsequent complaint investigation by the Council.

c) Investigate and provide him with a written letter of response covering the outstanding issues.

This should be completed within 30 working days of the date of my decision letter.