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Rudeness/inconsiderate behaviour/staff attitude : Valleys To Coast Housing

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Rudeness/inconsiderate behaviour/staff attitude


Early resolution

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Early resolution

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Valleys To Coast Housing

Miss X complained that the Association failed to advise her of their complaint’s procedure changing, and declined a review request of their decision.

The Ombudsman was concerned that Miss X was inconvenienced by the organisation’s actions and therefor contacted the Association. The Association confirmed that a change in their complaints procedure on 22 March2022 resulted in complainants no longer having a review request available to them. As an alternative to an investigation, the Association agreed that due to Miss X’s complaint being dated prior to the changes, the Association would issue Miss X with an apology for not informing her by 16 May 2022, and to have her complaint reviewed by another officer by 6 June 2022. The Ombudsman accepted this as a resolution to Miss X’s complaint.