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Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


Rudeness/inconsiderate behaviour/staff attitude

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Voluntary settlement

Ms A complained about neurological input into her treatment and care and the contents of some of the clinical letters that were sent by the Neurologist.

The Ombudsman agreed a settlement in relation to part of Ms A’s complaint. The Ombudsman considered there was scope for the clinic letter that the Neurologist had sent to a referring clinician in January 2020 to have been more measured. She concluded that it was unhelpful that it strayed into clinical judgements that was outside of the Neurologist’s speciality by suggesting that the referring clinician cancel a referral to another specialism. It also contained inaccuracies as it said that Ms A was to be removed from the Neurology waiting list when clearly this did not happen.

The Health Board agreed to apologise to Ms A again for the shortcomings in the Neurologist’s clinical letter. It also agreed to remind clinicians of the need for sensitivity when engaging in internal and external communication.