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Roads and Transport : Cyngor Gwynedd

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Roads and Transport


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Early resolution

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Cyngor Gwynedd

Mr L complained that Cyngor Gwynedd failed to fully respond to his concerns. Mr L further complained that the Council had not provided him with details of its investigation and failed to issue him with the investigation minutes he had requested.

The Ombudsman found that although the Council had responded to Mr L’s complaint, it did not address all concerns raised and did not explain its investigation clearly. She also found that Mr L’s request for the investigation minutes had not been acted on and said that this caused frustration for Mr L.

As an alternative to an investigation, the Ombudsman sought and gained the Council’s agreement to provide Mr L with an apology for not acting on his request within a timely manner, issue him with the investigation minutes, and provide a further complaint response within 4 weeks.