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Repairs and maintenance (inc dampness/improvements and alterations eg central heating. double glazing)

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Early resolution

Ms X, a tenant of Trivallis (a social housing provider), complained that the fitting of an intercom to assist with her disability had been delayed and that other repair works (to a shed, windows and shower) were outstanding. This included where contractors booked had failed to attend Ms X’s home, as anticipated, to undertake the necessary works.
During the Ombudsman’s enquiries into the complaint, the intercom was fitted and completed to Ms X’s satisfaction. Service failure was identified in relation to the other delayed matters. As an alternative to an investigation, and in resolution of Ms X’s concerns, Trivallis agreed to undertake the following actions (within 1 month save where specified differently):
• To apologise in writing to Ms X for the service failure identified.
• Offer Ms X redress of £150 for her time and trouble in having to pursue these issues with the Ombudsman.
• A named contractor to attend on 28 April 2022 to deal with the shed.
• A further inspection of the shower to take place on 27 April 2022 and a carpenter to attend the same date to replace the bath panel.
• A contractor to visit to deal with the windows issue on 28 April 2022.