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Tai Tarian


Repairs and maintenance (inc dampness/improvements and alterations eg central heating. double glazing)

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Early resolution

Mrs X complained about the way in which Tai Tarian (“the Association”) had dealt with problems with the sewers. drains at her home, along with various other internal and external repairs. The Ombudsman found that the Association had sought to undertake repairs and had also liaised extensively with other private organisations who had jurisdictional responsibilities in respect of the sewers/drains complained about.

The Ombudsman concluded that the Association could undertake a fresh inspection of Mrs X’s property, at a meeting with her, and agree a clear schedule of works to resolve the longstanding issues. Within a maximum of 45 working days, the Association agreed to arrange and hold a minuted meeting with Mrs X, after which an agreed schedule of works would be confirmed in writing to her. The Association also agreed to liaise with other stakeholders to seek to expedite works which were outside of its own remit. The Ombudsman considered this to represent an appropriate settlement.