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Newport City Council


Repairs and maintenance (inc dampness/improvements and alterations eg central heating. double glazing)

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Early resolution

Newport City Council completed work to repair a sink hole in the road outside Mr D’s home. When concrete was being poured into the hole staff failed to notice that part of the pipes had lifted and concrete went into the pipes. Mr D complained that the further repair work, that involved digging up his driveway, was completed to a poor standard. The render to the outside of his property was also damaged by the workmen and they had completed a patch repair which Mr D complained was of a poor standard.

The Council has made Mr D a financial offer for the repair of his driveway which he has confirmed is satisfactory. The Council’s insurance team are currently neogitating a settlement with Mr D in relation to the accidental damage to the render of his property. If Mr D is unhappy with the outcome of this negotiation he is able to pursue a claim against the Council through a court of law.

The Council has agreed to within 1 month:

a) Write to Mr D and apologise for the avoidable inconvenience caused to him by below standard repair work to his property and the accidental damage to his render.

b) Pay Mr D £750 financial redress for the avoidable inconvenience caused to him and his wife due to the poor repair work and distress caused in trying to resolve his concerns.