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Grwp Cynefin


Repairs and maintenance (inc dampness/improvements and alterations eg central heating. double glazing)

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Early resolution

Mr X complained that his landlord, Grwp Cynefin, had failed to inform him of structural works being undertaken at an attached property. The works went on for seven months in total, during which time he was never given an end date for the works, and there was confusion about the start time of the building works each morning.
Grwp Cynefin accepted that there were shortcomings in its communication and arrangements with Mr X. It said that it had learned for the experience and that any future works of this magnitude would be handled differently.
It agreed:
• To inspect issues raised concerning the boundary fence, and undertake required remedial work;
• To make an ex gratia payment to Mr X of £750, within one month, to reflect the disturbance and inconvenience, in addition to a £250 payment made to him whilst the works were still ongoing