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The Ombudsman received a complaint from a Member (“the Complainant”) of Tywyn Town Council (“the Town Council”), that a Former Member of the Town Council had failed to observe the Code of Conduct for Members.

It was alleged that the Former Member had made false allegations about the Former Clerk and other Members of the Town Council, and undermined and disparaged the Former Clerk at Town Council meetings. The investigation considered whether the Former Member’s alleged conduct suggested a failure to show respect and consideration for others, and bullying and harassing behaviour, which brought the Former Member and the Town Council into disrepute.

The Ombudsman obtained information from the Monitoring Officer of Gwynedd Council (“the Council”), the Town Council, witnesses and the Former Member. During the investigation several attempts were made to obtain a formal statement from the Complainant without success. The Ombudsman’s investigation considered that although the Former Member resigned from the Town Council during the investigation, the Former Member had remained a Member of the Council and stood for re-election to the Council. However, ultimately, the Former Member was not returned by the local electorate and was therefore no longer a Member at Town or County level.

As a result, the Ombudsman was no longer satisfied that an investigation into the complaint was in the public interest, and it was decided to discontinue the investigation.