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Flintshire County Council


Planning and Building Control

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Early resolution

Mr X complained about Flintshire County Council’s (The Council) Stage 2 Complaint Response. Mr X disagreed with the decisions taken by the Council in relation to planning and enforcement matters. He said that the Stage 2 Complaint Response did not address all matters he had complained about and was unhappy with the timeliness of the complaint response being provided.

The Ombudsman found that there no evidence of maladministration in relation to the planning and enforcement decisions. However, the Ombudsman was concerned that the Stage 2 Response failed to address one part of Mr X’s complaint.

As an alternative to an investigation, the Ombudsman sought and gained the Council’s agreement to, within 20 working days, provide Mr X with a further Stage 2 Complaint Response dealing with the second location that Mr X had complained about and to provide a written apology for its failure to address this aspect of the complaint.

The Ombudsman was satisfied that this would provide a resolution to the issues considered in this complaint.