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Torfaen County Borough Council

Mr A said his mother was a resident at B Residential Care Home (“the Care Homes”). Mr A complained that the Care Home had interfered/monitored his telephone calls/Facebook/communications with his mother during a safeguarding investigation.

The Ombudsman found that Mr A’s mother was deemed to have capacity to make her own decisions, that the Council funded her placement at the Care Home and it had undertaken the safeguarding investigation. Accordingly, the complaint should be directed to, and addressed by the Council, which is the correct body to deal with this complaint. The Ombudsman found that Mr A had complained to the Care Home, but not Torfaen County Borough Council (“the Council.”)

Following our contact with the Council, it agreed in settlement of this complaint, to contact Mr A within 20 working days, to put his complaint through its statutory social services complaints procedure and provide him with a formal written response to his concerns.