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Swansea Council



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Upheld in whole or in part

Miss G complained that Swansea Council (“the Council”) had not refunded her further costs for care and household bills, in relation to the period March to November 2018, when her nephew, Mr E, was living with her rather than in his supported accommodation.

The Ombudsman found:

· During the period in question, whilst Mr E received domiciliary support, it was not at the level he had been receiving while he lived in his supported accommodation. Accordingly, the Ombudsman concluded that Miss G should not have been paying care support contributions at the same rate.

· The Ombudsman would have recommended a partial refund of care support payments were it not for the Council reappraising Miss G’s payments and concluding that there had been a shortfall and she was owed £884.10. The Ombudsman felt this amount was appropriate.

· The Ombudsman also felt it was appropriate that the Council offered to make a further payment to Miss G of £250 for the time and trouble in bringing her complaint and trying to resolve the matter. Miss G, however, declined this payment.