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Early resolution

Mr A raised various complaints about the way the Council dealt with his housing repairs/maintenance issues including its delay in providing him with an Occupational Therapist assessment.

The Ombudsman found that Mr A moved into his property a few days before the second lockdown and some of the delay occurred as an unavoidable consequence of the national lockdown and restrictions put in place as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

Following contact by the Ombudsman the Council agreed to take various actions including to secure an Occupational Therapist visit to assess Mr A’s needs and to review whether any adaptations to the property are feasible and to inform Mr A of the situation. To set out in writing the repairs/works already undertaken at the property and what works remain outstanding with a date when these works will be completed, and to apologise to Mr A, and offer £350 for the time and trouble suffered, as a result of the delay in the Occupational Therapist assessment and the Council’s lack of clear communication with him during this period.