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No action necessary

The Ombudsman received a complaint that a former member (“the Former Member”) of Pontypool Community Council (“the Council”) had breached the Code of Conduct (“the Code”).

It was alleged that the Former Member divulged contents of a confidential report prepared and issued as part of an agenda for a confidential staffing committee, to a staff member who was directly impacted by the contents, causing them upset.

The Ombudsman’s investigation considered whether the Former Member had breached the Code by disclosing confidential information, or information which should reasonably be regarded as being of a confidential nature, without the express consent of a person authorised to give such consent, or unless required by law to do so.

The Former Member fully accepted that he disclosed the confidential information to the member of staff but acknowledged that, in hindsight, it was a mistake.  He subsequently resigned his position of councillor.  He provided a written apology to the Clerk.

The Ombudsman found that although the Former Member’s actions were suggestive of a breach of paragraph 5(a) of the Code of Conduct, his apology and his subsequent resignation, meant it would not be in the public interest to take further action.

The Ombudsman found that no action needed to be taken under Section 69(4)(b) of the Local Government Act 2000 in respect of the matters investigated.