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Nosocomial (Framework) : Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

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Nosocomial (Framework)


Early resolution

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Early resolution

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Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Ms A complained about the treatment of her late sister, Mrs B, who contracted Covid-19 after being admitted to a hospital within the Health Board for an unrelated condition and sadly died. Ms A had received an initial complaint response under the Putting Things Right (“PTR”) process, but posed further questions to the Health Board after reading it.

The Ombudsman contacted the Health Board and found that it was preparing a further PTR response to Ms A’s questions. The Health Board confirmed that its Covid-19 scruitiny panel had also separately considered the circumstances in which Mrs B contracted Covid-19, as per the National Nosocomial COVID-19 Programme.

The Health Board agreed to provide the results of the Covid-19 scrutiny of Mrs B’s case, and a further PTR response addressing Ms A’s further questions, to Ms A within the next month.