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Neath Port Talbot Council


Noise and other nuisance issues

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Early resolution

Mr A complained that Neath Port Talbot Council (“the Council”) had failed to act or respond to his concerns about noise and harassment issues. He also said the Council had failed to provide information in accordance with his Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) request.

The Ombudsman noted that complaints about FOI matters are not for him and directed Mr A to the Information Commissioner’s office. However, he was concerned that Mr A had not received a fulsome complaint response on the substantive issues, and that his concerns had yet to be considered under Stage 2 of the Council’s corporate complaints process. Accordingly, as an alternative to investigation, the Ombudsman contacted the Council and it agreed to undertake the following actions:

· Escalate Mr A’s complaints to a Stage 2 investigation

· Provide Mr A with its Stage 2 response within 1 month.