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Swansea Bay University Health Board



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Early resolution

Ms X complained that a vaccination carried out by an independent provider in the Swansea Bay University Health Board’s (“the Health Board’s”) area had caused pain and inflammation because it had been incorrectly administered, resulting in SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccination administration).
The Health Board had initially scheduled an MRI scan of Ms X’s shoulder, but this had been cancelled. This meant that her complaint, and ongoing symptoms, had not been properly investigated.
The Health Board therefore agreed to undertake the following in settlement of Ms X’s complaint:
• The Health Board placed Ms X on the urgent list for an MRI scan of her shoulder to determine whether the pain was related to the injection.
• Based on the findings of the MRI scan, the Health Board will review the investigation and the outcome of the original complaint about the vaccination by the independent provider. It will respond to Ms X formally in writing to explain to her the result of this and whether there has been a change in outcome from her complaint. It will do this within 6 weeks of the date of this letter.