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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board



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Early resolution

Mrs G complained that following her baby son, J’s, fall from a bed, the Health Board’s staff made a series of mistakes and carried out child protection medical procedures in a way that was incompetent, unfair, unbalanced and careless. Mrs G said that non-paediatric radiologists wrongly diagnosed multiple fractures and that their findings were communicated to other agencies as being accurate and conclusive.
Mrs G said that the Health Board’s response did not address all the issues raised in her complaint, was not sufficiently detailed and that expert opinion was not shared with her. Following Mrs G’s complaint, a meeting was arranged with Health Board staff, including radiologists, to discuss her outstanding concerns.
Because of this we contacted the Health Board which agreed to do the following:
a) To send Ms G a further written response to include direct input from the Radiologists to fully reflect what was said at the meeting.
b) The written response to include a summary of the issues followed up at peer reviews with the Radiologists concerned, omitting personal information.
To make a record in J’s records to acknowledge that a mistake was made in the reporting of his X-rays regarding the diagnosis of additional fractures.