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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board



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Early resolution

Mr B complained that Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board had twice failed to enclose its investigation report in letters it had sent to him. He made further complaints about the administration of letters sent to him which the Ombudsman decided not to investigate as the Health Board had taken action to resolve them, and there was no injustice caused to Mr B.

The Ombudsman decided that there had been a repeated failure by the Health Board in enclosing a copy of its investigation report in letters sent to Mr B, causing frustration to him.

The Health Board had already taken reasonable steps in response to its failures. It had reviewed its post process, spoken to relevant staff, and confirmed to Mr B that it would anonymously use his case as a learning tool for staff.

The Ombudsman therefore sought and gained the Health Board’s agreement to apologise to Mr B for the repeated failure and the frustration this caused him, and to pay him £50 redress. The Ombudsman accepted these actions, and the actions already taken by the Health Board, as an alternative to an investigation.