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Powys County Council


Flooding/Flood Damage

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Early resolution

Mr X complained that Powys County Council (“the Council”) failed to keep him informed about works to be carried out in respect of flooding in the vicinity of his property. He said that he had not been contacted since July 2022, despite the Council’s agreement to keep him updated.

The Ombudsman found that the Council did contact Mr X in July 2022 and advised him that it would contact him when it had more information. It subsequently failed to do so, which resulted in Mr X submitting a complaint to her office.

The Ombudsman sought and gained the Council’s agreement to provide Mr X with a written apology, a full update in respect of the works completed to date and a redress payment of £125 in recognition of its failure to communicate and the time and trouble taken in Mr X pursuing his complaint, within 10 working days.