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Flooding/Flood Damage : Newport City Homes

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Flooding/Flood Damage


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Early resolution

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Newport City Homes

Ms L complained that Newport City Homes (“the Association”)failed to resolve her concerns regarding a boundary around the front of her property which is located on a busy road. She further complained that the speed of the vehicles travelling on that road left her in fear of an accident, and that she has no protection if this were to happen.

The Ombudsman was concerned that Ms L’s complaint was not yet resolved, and contact was made with the Association to discuss the matter. As an alternative to an investigation, the Association agreed that within 30working days of the Ombudsman’s decision, it would write to Ms L to outline two different options that are available to her in respect of the boundary, which would be of no cost to Ms L. The Association also agreed that it would keep Ms L updated in respect of the likely timescales and action this as quickly as possible.