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Hywel Dda University Health Board


Continuing care

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Not Upheld

Mr T complained about the actions of the Care Home where his mother, Mrs W, was residing. Specifically, he complained about:

a) Lack of adequate heating in Mrs W’s room.
b) Failure to support Mrs W in her use of a television and CD player which he had provided for her.
c) Failure to support Mrs W to communicate with him and other family members during lockdown (caused by the COVID-19 pandemic).

d) Refusal to allow Mr T and family members to visit Mrs W towards the end of her life.
Mrs W’s stay at the Care Home was funded by the Health Board.

The Ombudsman could not reach a conclusion in respect of a) as the maintenance records were not available. They did not uphold the remainder of the complaints. There was no evidence the Care Home staff had not helped Mrs W to use the television/CD player. Mr T had been able to speak to his mother frequently, by means of her mobile phone or tablet, and the staff had done as much as they reasonably could to help Mr T keep in touch with her. In view of the guidance in force at the time, the Care Home had been entitled to refuse to allow Mr T to visit.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Health Board had only been monitoring placements if they had any cause for concern, which they did not in Mrs W’s case. The complaint against the Health Board was therefore not upheld.