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A GP Practice in the area of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Clinical treatment outside hospital; GP

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Miss A complained that the GP Surgery failed to act on her late father’s (Mr A) repeated reports (over a period of approximately 5 years)of swallowing problems and monitor polyps that were present.

The Ombudsman started an investigation, however, after a review of the records obtained from the GP Surgery, it was found that there were no documented reports of any problems relating to swallowing beyond a single consultation in July 2016 where Mr A had reported coughing on swallowing. On this occasion, Mr A was immediately referred to specialists in secondary care for investigation. The investigations carried out did not indicate that polyps had been found and Mr A was later discharged back to the care of the GP Surgery, following which no further reports of similar problems were recorded within the records. As a result, on the basis of this lack of documented evidence, the investigation was discontinued as there was little further that could be achieved by an ongoing enquiry into the matter.