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A GP Practice in the area of Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Clinical treatment outside hospital; GP

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Early resolution

Mr X complained about his experience with the Practice, who he considered to be transphobic. The Practice refused to prescribe hormones, requested by the local gender team, without seeking further clarification, but he had not received any update or response regarding this. Mr X was dissatisfied with the complaint response received, which did not include a salutation. Mr X wanted the Practice to refer to him by his legal name and title in correspondence.
The Ombudsman found that although the Practice had provided a complaint response, this had raised further concerns and there were some elements which the Practice could respond to more fully. The outcome and reasons for the decisions in relation to prescribing testosterone had not been adequately communicated to Mr X. It seemed that the Practice could amend its systems to address Mr X by the name and salutation he requested. The Ombudsman decided to settle the complaint without an investigation.
The Ombudsman sought and gained the Practice’s agreement to provide, within 20 working days, a further, more detailed complaint response addressing the concerns raised in the complaint to the Ombudsman, an update in relation to the Practice issuing the testosterone prescription and to review the Practice’s systems and processes to ensure that Mr X is addressed using the correct salutation and name, as requested, in all correspondence. The Ombudsman accepted this as a resolution to the complaint.