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Swansea Bay University Health Board


Clinical treatment in hospital

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Early resolution

Mr X complained about the treatment he received whilst under the care of the Health Board’s Gastroenterology and Surgical team. He explained that he had been under its care for approximately 3 years, but he had not had blood results or antibodies level results for his medication.

The Ombudsman noted that the Health Board had provided a formal response to a complaint raised by Mr X. Mr X had also been in separate email correspondence with a Health Board representative from which a number of questions remained unanswered and/or Mr X was awaiting information. This included information about his antibody and Amgevita results; why it was not appropriate for him to receive iron and vitamin B12 injections; whether there was an alternative to iron tablets available.

The Ombudsman considered that it would be helpful for Mr X to receive a further response from the Health Board regarding the matters referred to including an explanation of the Health Board’s waiting times for his surgery. Following a discussion with the Health Board, it agreed to provide a further response in settlement of the complaint. The Health Board agreed to do so within 30 working days from the date that the Ombudsman issues his decision.