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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Clinical treatment in hospital

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Mr X complained that after a prostate biopsy on 12 April 2019, he was told he would be seen by a consultant 3 months later, the Consultant retired, and he did not have a consultation until 19 December. He also complained that on 29 February 2020 a multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (“MPMRI” – a special type of scan that creates a detailed scan of the prostate) reported abnormal findings and he was told that a Template Biopsy (biopsy of the prostate using a template to insert fine needles through the skin in the area between the scrotum and anus, an aerosol generating procedure – usually under general anaesthetic) was required to exclude prostate cancer or severe inflammation. Mr X complained that at that time, because of COVID-19, surgery was cancelled, and fearing for his health, he had a private consultation and biopsy at a cost of £5,085. The private biopsy was negative with no evidence of cancer.
The Ombudsman found that although Mr X was not seen for 3 months, he was informed by of the biopsy result by letter; he was seen 8 months after the 2019 biopsy. Mr X’s prostate-specific antigen (“PSA” – a blood test for prostate cancer) was less than a year earlier. This aspect of the complaint was not upheld. The Ombudsman also found that in March 2020, Mr X was warned that because of COVID-19 there would be a delay in treatment. Only those with urgent suspected cancer cases confirmed by Transurethral Resection of a Bladder Tumour (“TURBT” – inserting a thin tube with a camera and light on the end into the bladder through the urethra) were seen, and at that time, there was nobody trained to undertake transperineally biopsy under local anaesthetic. This aspect of the complaint was not upheld.