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Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board


Clinical treatment in hospital

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Early resolution

Ms X submitted a complaint on behalf of Mr Y about treatment provided to Mr Y by Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board. Ms X said that there was a breakdown in communication within the Health Board about whether Mr Y had sustained a fracture, it failed to detect that Mr Y had a pulmonary embolism and it failed to provide Mr Y with follow up treatment for his poor lung function. Ms X said that despite submitting a complaint to the Health Board, it failed to provide answers in respect of all issues raised.

The Ombudsman found that Ms X made her complaint to the Health Board via telephone, and that the note recording the specifics of her complaint was not detailed. He found that it was not possible to establish with any certainty exactly what Ms X complained about, and consequently whether the Health Board’s response adequately addressed all her concerns.

The Ombudsman contacted the Health Board, and it agreed to, within

10 working days:

· Arrange a properly documented meeting with Ms X and Mr Y to establish every aspect of their complaint. Following this meeting, it would provide a comprehensive response to all the concerns raised in accordance with The National Health Service (Concerns, Complaints and Redress Arrangements) (Wales) Regulations2011.

The Ombudsman was satisfied that this would provide a resolution to the issues considered in this complaint.