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Childrens Social Services : Ceredigion County Council

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Childrens Social Services


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Early resolution

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Ceredigion County Council

Miss X complained that the Council had not provided her with a responseto her Social Services complaint which had been submitted to it in November2020.

The Ombudsman wasconcerned that Miss X had not received a formal response to her complaint andthat she had been inconvenienced by the Council’s actions. He decided to settle thecomplaint without an investigation.

The Ombudsman sought and gained the Council’s agreement to:

• Provide Miss X with an apology for the delay in responding to her complaint
• Provide Miss X with an explanation for the delay
• Provide Miss X with a complaint response
• Offer Miss X £200 in recognition for the time and trouble in making her complaint

The Council agreed to complete the recommendations within 2 weeks.