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Early resolution

Miss X complained that she had been unhappy with the Council’s first complaint response about social services matters and had requested its escalation to Stage 2 of the Social Services Complaints Procedure. However, after many weeks, she had not had a reply or any indication that the matter had been progressed to an investigation as she had asked.

The Ombudsman was concerned at what Miss X had said given that a Stage 2 investigation is a statutory right, and so approached the Council for information and comments. These revealed that Miss X’s request had not been actioned, for which the Council apologised. It also agreed to undertake the following actions to resolve the matter (within 1 month), which the Ombudsman considered to be reasonable as an alternative to his investigating Miss K’s complaint:

a) To progress the Stage 2 investigation by appointing an Independent Investigator to undertake it within one month

b) In addition to the apology already offered for the delay in progressing the Stage 2 investigation, the Council offer Miss X redress in the sum of £250 for her inconvenience and time and trouble in pursuing her complaint.