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Applications. allocations. transfer and exchanges : Wrexham County Borough Council

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Applications. allocations. transfer and exchanges


Early resolution

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Early resolution

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Wrexham County Borough Council

Miss X complained about the fact that Wrexham County Borough Council had shortlisted her for 3 unsuitable properties and had failed to listen to her concerns regarding the suitability of the properties.

The Ombudsman found that whilst the Council had admitted to failures and apologised, it had not provided an explicit explanation as necessary to make clear what had gone wrong. This resulted in Miss X experiencing stress and worry about the uncertainty.

The Ombudsman contacted the Council and in resolution to Miss X’s complaint it agreed to, within 20 working days, provide a full and explicit explanation regarding the confusion over the door frame measurements in Property 3, together with an apology for the delay in informing Miss X that the property had subsequently been offered in error. The Council would also reiterate the offer of a goodwill payment of £250.