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Early resolution

Mr X complained that he accepted a housing offer based on video footage of a different property. He said he was pressured into accepting the offer although the property was not suitable for his family’s needs. He also raised complaint handling concerns, questioned the accuracy of responses provided and the completeness of the tenancy records.

The Ombudsman was satisfied that no significant injustice was caused because of the sample video footage. However, she was concerned that relevant evidence about Mr X’s daughter’s health needs had not been considered before the offer was made, and that Mr X had provided additional correspondence not produced by the Council.

The Council accepted that due to an administrative delay, the evidence was not processed before the housing offer was made.

She sought and obtained the Council’s agreement to, within one month:
• apologise to Mr X and his family for the administrative delay and explain how/why this occurred
• make a redress payment of £800 in recognition of the uncertainty caused about the suitability of the housing offer made, time and trouble and the inconvenience of a second move
• provide details of the action taken to avoid similar administrative delays from occurring in future cases and ensure tenancy records are accurate and complete.
This action was accepted as an alternative to an investigation.