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Conwy County Borough Council


Adult Social Services

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Early resolution

Ms A complained that the independent investigation of her complaint at Stage 2 of the Council’s complaints procedure was too narrow and lacked sufficient detail. Ms A highlighted a number of inconsistencies and errors in the independent investigation report and said that some aspects of her complaint had not been addressed.

The Ombudsman considered that although there had been appropriate and thorough consideration of the complaint, the Council could provide a more detailed response, addressing Ms A’s specific concerns.
The Council agreed, to consider and review, in conjunction with Ms A, the matters she considered incorrectly recorded and not addressed in the Stage 2 Investigation Report and, if appropriate, arrange for an addendum to the report and/or a further complaint response, rectifying any discrepancies and addressing any outstanding issues, within 30 working days.
The Ombudsman’s view was that the above action was reasonable to settle Ms A’s complaint.