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Admissions Appeal Panel - Whitmore High School


Admissions procedures and appeals

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Early resolution

The Ombudsman received a complaint from Mrs B that the Admissions Appeal Panel and the Vale of Glamorgan Council, acting as the Admission Authority for a school in the area of the Vale of Glamorgan, failed to consider whether her child had been placed in the appropriate category when the admission criteria was applied and when the appeal against the decision of the Admission Authority was heard.
The Ombudsman considered this complaint and was concerned that the Appeal Panel had not demonstrated that it had properly considered part b of the factual stage of the two-stage test1, whether the admission authority had properly applied the admission arrangement in this case.

The Ombudsman was also concerned that new information, in relation to the application of the arrangements, was shared at the Appeal Panel hearing but had not previously been shared with you.
The Council agreed that it would convene a fresh panel to rehear the appeal in this case.