Mr A complained to the Ombudsman in March 2020, via his MP, that, having agreed to complete an independent assessment of his needs in early 2019, Cardiff Council had failed to do so. In accordance with his powers, the Ombudsman resolved the complaint (as an alternative to investigation) on the basis of the Council’s agreement to conduct an
independent assessment of Mr A’s needs. This action was to be completed by 27 September 2020.

Being dissatisfied that the Council (without reasonable excuse) had failed to comply with the earlier recommendation, the Ombudsman invoked his powers to issue a special report. This was critical of the Council’s failure to implement the recommendation it had previously agreed to with no evidence of proactive attempts on its behalf until it was sent the draft special report for comment. Therefore, the Ombudsman made further recommendations and the Council agreed to:

a) Complete an independent assessment (undertaken by someone who is not an employee of the Council) of Mr A’s needs by 31 January 2021.

b) Provide a weekly update to his office about the progression of the independent assessment.

c) Provide a copy of the independent assessment to his office once completed.

d) Issue an apology to Mr A in writing (within 1 month), with a copy to the MP, for the delay in completing the independent assessment. It also agreed to provide a copy of the letter to the Ombudsman’s office.