A full Council Meeting was held at Flintshire County Council on 25 May 2021 to consider the recommendations made in a previous public interest report issued by the Ombudsman against the Council.

The public interest report found maladministration on the part of Flintshire County Council’s planning department as local planning authority (LPA), both in the grant of a s192 certificate and in the grant of a retrospective application, which caused injustice to the complainant.

The recommendations made in the Ombudsman’s report were challenged in a report by an Officer of Flintshire County Council.

During the full Council Meeting, members rejected the officer’s report and agreed the Ombudsman’s recommendations.

As a result, Flintshire County Council will be implementing the Ombudsman’s recommendations in full.

Commenting on the report, Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, Nick Bennett, said:

“I am glad that Flintshire County Council recognises the seriousness of the issues reported upon, which have had an enormous impact upon the quality of life of a resident of Flintshire.

I am grateful to members of the Council for agreeing to comply with my recommendations and for taking the decision contrary to the officer’s recommendation. I am pleased to see that my report was fully and objectively considered, and that justice will be upheld for the local constituent.”