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Race and Ethnicity at Work Charter

We stand with our black colleagues, black people around the world and all who are publicly denouncing racism.

In July we published the actions under our Equality Plan for 2020/21. The publication was made against the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter Protests and we felt that it was both timely and appropriate that our actions for 2020/21 included an emphasis on strengthening our contribution to race equality, justice and inclusion in Wales.

However, we decided to also go a step further by formulating a ‘Race and Ethnicity at Work Charter’. The Charter is aligned with our broader equality actions but includes also additional and more specific commitments in relation to our work to support and promote race equality and inclusion at PSOW as an employer and service provider. We will report on the progress against the commitments in this Charter in our annual Equality Report.

We will listen

  • We will organise a focus group with BAME communities to determine and break down the barriers to access to our service.
  • We will continue to be an inclusive organisation and will provide BAME staff with support, recognise them as equals, listen to their experiences and learn from them to make positive changes.
  • We will explore the potential for staff networks at PSOW, including one for BAME people and allies, and support their development.

We will learn

  • We will create an anti-racism resource pack and ensure continued learning and awareness for all staff.
  • We will hold events throughout the year to celebrate BAME cultures, increase learning and raise awareness of differences, including the issues of racism and discrimination.
  • We will provide unconscious bias training to all staff and our Advisory Panel members in 2020/21.

We will act

  • The Ombudsman will become the Executive Sponsor from the Leadership Team to provide visible leadership on race and ethnicity in our organisation.
  • We will ensure BAME representation on our Advisory Panel and Audit and Risk Assurance Committee by April 2022.
  • We will take proactive measures to secure a more diverse workforce that is more representative of the communities we serve. We will do this by increasing awareness of our role and recruitment opportunities to potential BAME candidates, with the aim of achieving that 8% of those shortlisted for interview are BAME.

We look forward to engagement with any external stakeholders who would be interested in helping us to meet these commitments. Any queries about our Charter can be directed to Ania Rolewska (Head of Policy) at