A new British Sign Language
(BSL) video is now available on the Ombudsman’s website, introducing the services on offer, as well as how people who are deaf or hard of hearing can access those services. Subtitles in both English and Welsh also make the video accessible to those with hearing loss who
are unable to use BSL.

This coincides with the provision of the new SignVideo interpretation service which allows BSL users to contact the Ombudsman for free, using fully-qualified live interpreters. Calls
can be made using a videophone, laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone enabling BSL users to have improved access to the Ombudsman’s services.

Nick Bennett, Public Services Ombudsman for Wales said:

“Accessibility is one of our key values and so ensuring we are engaging with people who need our services but may find it challenging to access them is at the forefront of what we do.

“By introducing these two new services we hope that people who are deaf or hard of hearing are able to engage with us more fully. We want to continue to ensure our services are accessible to everyone and we welcome feedback on how we can achieve this.

Richard Williams, Director for Action on Hearing Loss Cymru said:

“This is a very positive step by the Public Services Ombudsman. We know that accessibility is one of the biggest barriers facing the 575,500 people in Wales who are deaf or have hearing loss and we are enthused by the Ombudsman’s approach in tackling this. We hope that other public bodies can follow their lead by making their services as accessible as