Advocate is the Bar’s pro bono charity, funded by the dedicated barristers who also volunteer their time and skills. Advocate exists to inspire and facilitate pro bono work by barristers, and enable those who need help, to contact those who can provide it. We match people in need of advice and representation, with barristers who offer their help for free, providing a lifeline to those struggling to access justice, in all areas of law, and across all levels, from tribunals right through to the Supreme Court.

We cover all areas of Wales and England. Our volunteer Barristers can only offer advice, drafting and representation for litigants in person.

We cannot assist if the applicant requires assistance with preparing their case and paperwork for the court/tribunal, administrative support, and writing letters.

Due to volume of applications that we receive, we can only process an application if:
- The applicant is not eligible for legal aid
- The applicant cannot pay privately
- There is a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice before any hearing date or deadline (with exceptions for loss of liberty (prison or deportation), homelessness, child welfare and having a barrister in place)
- The piece of work is something that a barrister can do

Advocate, 2nd Floor Lincoln House, 296-302 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7JH