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Mrs B complained about Cwm Taf Health Board (“the Health Board”) in relation to treatment she received at Prince Charles Hospital in July 2011. Mrs B explained that she fell into a pond and sustained a broken ankle. She said that the Hospital should have transferred her urgently to a specialist centre due to the circumstances and severity of the fracture. She added that the treatment she received at the Hospital was inappropriate and led to her having to have an amputation of her lower leg after she was belatedly transferred.

The Ombudsman concluded that an immediate transfer was not necessary. However, he found that due to the possibility of marine type infection, the Hospital should have taken urgent microbiological advice. He found that once the wound was infected, an urgent transfer to a specialist centre should have occurred. The Ombudsman also had concerns about the supervision of the junior surgeons who operated on Mrs B’s ankle.

The Ombudsman recommended that the Health Board pay Mrs B £3000 as an acknowledgement of the injustice she suffered because of the Health Board’s failings. He also made a variety of systemic recommendations including de-briefing activities, record keeping and supervision of junior surgeons. The Health Board accepted his recommendations.

A copy of the full report can be downloaded below.