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The Ombudsman and his staff aim to provide a first class Ombudsman service for Wales.

As part of that commitment we aim to:

  • provide an accessible, simple, effective and transparent process for looking into complaints about the service we give;
  • respond quickly to complaints about the service we have provided; and,
  • if we have got things wrong or given poor service, apologise and learn from our mistakes.

We want to hear your comments about the service we have provided.

You can also use this process to ask for a review of a decision we have made not to investigate, to discontinue an investigation or where you consider that the decisions we have made following investigation are flawed. Such requests should be made to us within 20 working days of the decision you wish to have reviewed.

To comment or complain about our service (including our compliance with the Welsh Language Standards) or request a review of a decision we have taken, please complete the online form at the bottom of this page.

If you prefer you can download a PDF version of the form which you should then save to your computer. You can complete the form manually by printing and sending the completed form to our postal address , or you can email the completed form to

Gallwch ysgrifennu atom yn Gymraeg a byddwn yn ymateb yn Gymraeg. Ni fydd hyn yn arwain at oedi cyn ymateb.

You can write to us in Welsh and we will reply in Welsh.  This will not lead to a delay in responding.

Section A

Your Details

If you provide an email address we will normally use this for correspondence.

The person who experienced the problem with our services, or who submitted the complaint about a public body, should normally fill in this form. If you are filling this in on behalf of someone else please fill in Section B.


Section B

If you are making a complaint/comment or requesting a review on behalf of someone else, please provide their details.



Section C

Is this a comment, complaint or request for a review of a decision made by the Ombudsman?

Please contact us if you need any help completing this form


Section D

Your complaint or comment about the service provided by the Ombudsman



Section E

Your request for a review of a decision taken by the Ombudsman



Section F

Please list any documents attached or provide any additional information

If you need to attach more than 5 documents, please email them to